Saturday, May 8, 2010

CD1 again

I am coming off a one month break and here we are back at CD1 and I'm ready to go again! Last month my numbers were terrible, FSH of 27 so it was probably good that I had other commitments and couldn't cycle anyway. Hoping for better numbers this time around.

I called into the clinic to tell them it is the start of my cycle, and they are going to fax the blood order to the local lab so I can go in for a blood draw tomorrow. I'll be monitored here at home for about a week or so, then I'll fly down to the clinic and stay there for a while.

This time I am doing a clomid/injectable cycle. I've done these before, so I'm not at all scared of clomid despite the common opinion that it is bad for over 40 ladies with high FSH. My lining is usually on the thick side, in fact last cycle it was on the verge of being too thick, so a slightly thinner lining due to clomid might even be beneficial.

At this point though, I feel it is mostly about luck and having a month where a healthy egg comes forward.


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