Friday, May 14, 2010

CD7 - clomid is making me crazy!

I thought I was doing just fine on clomid, with no side effects whatsoever to report. But by the 4th pill, the headaches started, then nausea. Any today, the clomid moodiness. Boy was I a mess after the monitoring appointment. The waiting room was full of babies, heavily pregnant women, and toddlers running up to everyone to engage in conversation. Eeek! Not the place for an infertile woman on clomid!

The scan today was disappointing as usual. Zero antrals. Nothing, nada. My body seems to have totally ignored the clomid and injectables so far. Now, I have had nothing at CD7 before, only to have follies pop up later, but that was when I was on BCP suppression beforehand. This is the first time it has happened to me without any suppression at all, and it was quite unnerving.

But here's the weird thing. My lining was 8.8. What is my lining doing already at 8.8 if there are no follicles? Shouldn't it be more like 4 or 5? And on clomid no less, which is supposed to thin the lining. Not complaining about the lining mind you, I'm just saying that I don't understand it.

E2 came back at 35. Well, it could have been worse, it has been as low as <5 in recent cycles. At least it has gone up, so maybe something is trying to grow in them ol' ovaries after all.

I am on 150 Bravelle and 150 Menopur a day from now until the next scan, which will be 5 days from now.

Monday, May 10, 2010

CD3 - cleared to start

I must say though, I was disappointed that my FSH clocked in at 16 yesterday. This usually means a crappy cycle for me. At Cooper I would be put on estinyl, my E2 would never rise, and a few weeks later they would cancel me and put me on provera to end the cycle. At this clinic though, I am cleared to start meds. But with that FSH level, I tend to produce just 1 follie. Oh well. We'll see if I am right. One follie is better than none though!

So I have started 50mg of clomid and will start low stims today. First ultrasound will be on Friday, another 4 days away.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

CD1 again

I am coming off a one month break and here we are back at CD1 and I'm ready to go again! Last month my numbers were terrible, FSH of 27 so it was probably good that I had other commitments and couldn't cycle anyway. Hoping for better numbers this time around.

I called into the clinic to tell them it is the start of my cycle, and they are going to fax the blood order to the local lab so I can go in for a blood draw tomorrow. I'll be monitored here at home for about a week or so, then I'll fly down to the clinic and stay there for a while.

This time I am doing a clomid/injectable cycle. I've done these before, so I'm not at all scared of clomid despite the common opinion that it is bad for over 40 ladies with high FSH. My lining is usually on the thick side, in fact last cycle it was on the verge of being too thick, so a slightly thinner lining due to clomid might even be beneficial.

At this point though, I feel it is mostly about luck and having a month where a healthy egg comes forward.