Friday, April 2, 2010

11dp2dt / 13dpo

Well, I'm out this month. As of yesterday the pee-sticks finally became stark white as the last remnants of trigger finally got metabolized. Both First Response and Dollar store agree that this is yet another BFN. Totally sucks.

My first clinic would have me doing a beta today, so it is not "too early" to see a bfp. For some reason this new clinic does them at 17dpo. I suppose that gives time for early chemicals to work themselves out without having the patient go through a brief period of beta hell. But honestly, I think quite a few patients would want to know if they had a chemical. I mean, its a step in the right direction and for some people it may be the furthest they have ever got, so it could be seen as encouraging that they can get pregnant.

I'll be good though and continue the meds until beta but I gotta say, my boobs are killing me from the Vivelle patches and the progesterone. Sucks to have pregnancy symptoms without being pregnant. Must be the Vivelle, I am using it for the first time this cycle (2 patches at a time) and I bet that it is sending my estrogen level through the roof. Progesterone alone doesn't make my boobs hurt so much. It isn't easy to distract myself for the remainder of the cycle with the boobs hurting 24/7. Hey, this probably counts as estrogen priming for the next cycle, so I suppose there is some good in continuing the Vivelle.

Not sure what our plans are for next month. DH might be travelling to Washington again so we could possibly end up doing a cycle at Cooper again. Too drained to even think about any of that right now.