Monday, March 29, 2010

7dp2dt / 9dpo

Well the Dollar store tests haven't been much fun today, they are showing signs of what might be an evaporation line. I get a shadow of a line that sometimes you see, sometimes not, depending on the angle of the light, and only after 10 minutes. So for me, that means I need to test some more of those tomorrow. The window on the test is so small it is hard to get a good picture of a maybe imaginary line.

Now First Response on the other hand, is showing the slightest of lines also, but the line on that one starts forming within about 2 minutes so its a little more trustworthy. Unfortunately yesterday's barely there line has turned a yucky shade of yellow and its hard to compare if today's is the same or lighter. Its all at that barely there stage. Also today's test has an annoyingly thin control line, so the test line is probably also extra thin (and therefore harder to see).

It is promising that the line hasn't faded out completely, so it could be the very start of a rising beta, but it could equally be the trigger still hanging around. Definitely nothing to get excited about yet, and will of course be doing more testing tomorrow.

Not sure if anything is visible in these small photos (wish blogger would allow bigger ones), in real life it looks clearer:


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