Sunday, March 28, 2010

6dp2dt / 8dpo

I stocked up on some Dollar store tests yesterday, after reading on other forums that they are fairly sensitive and reliable. These would be good for testing out the trigger, after all, they are only a $1 each. Was actually surprised to see that they are made in Canada, not China.

Saw the faint trigger on yesterday's POAS, but today at 6dp2dt the test is blank! I'm good to go for real POAS testing now, a few days earlier than usual because I used less trigger this time, 8000iu instead of 10,000.

Although I haven't tested yet on my favorite brand, First Response. I don't know whether or not the trigger would be gone from that one too. Hmmm, maybe I need to get a baseline reading on that brand tonight.

Edited to add: Just tested on First Response, and there is the tiniest, lightest hint of a line that started coming up at around 1 minute. So yeah, First Response is still the most sensitive. Guess the trigger still needs another day on these sticks.


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