Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cancelled yesterday

Well, the cycle never really got off the ground. No follies growing and low E2, and when nothing was happening by CD22, it was a mutual decision to cancel this month. I am going to take Provera along with estradiol for 12 days to induce AF. This should reset my system after this month's anovulatory cycle.

Overall I'm feeling relieved more than disappointed right now. Its been a long cycle and I am glad that I can move on and not live day to day, going from one monitoring appointment to another and wondering how much longer I should stay here.

Looking forward to seeing DP again, I haven't seen him in 18 days and we've been apart for yet another major holiday. I'm flying home tomorrow, can't wait! I kind of got stuck here longer than I wanted to because of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, as flights home have been difficult to come by on very short notice.