Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Deja Vu

Last month's abandoned cycle finally came to a close over the weekend, it ended up being 35 days long. I did actually get a surge at CD22 or so, which was pretty darn miraculous since at last check my FSH was 37 and E2 was below 10.

This month, the CD2 numbers are almost identical to last month. Not at all encouraging given how last month ended up, but since this is the last time that we are able to try until at least March next year, I may as well give it a shot.

My main concern with these long cycles is that the hotel and rental car bill can really start to add up when it all drags on. But things can turn around so quickly, I really prefer to be there just in case.

They want me to do bloods again on Saturday. Well, I have never, ever had out-of- town bloods come back in time on a Saturday. And I have tried at least 3 different places. To get to the east coast clinic in time on a Saturday, the results have to be faxed in before noon. If the results don't go missing (which always seems to happen on Saturdays by the way), then the call back happens on Monday which will be CD8, by which time it could well be too late... either the FSH has already skyrocketed to the stratosphere, or it is nice and low but a dominant has already started to form.

So I think I will fly up on Friday, get the bloods done there on Saturday and settle in at the hotel and see where the cycle goes from there.


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