Friday, November 13, 2009

CD5, hanging out at Denver

It is CD5, I am on my way to Philly but am stuck in Denver due to weather delays for flights heading east. There is free wi-fi at Denver airport, and I have found a little nook where I can plug in my laptop and get online for a bit. Internet access is slow, but it helps pass a few hours.

So I've been thinking, if this cycle has practically the same baseline numbers as last month, and last month's cycle was a disaster (complete with a full on bleed at CD10 or so), then I should probably try to do the opposite to what I did last month. Last month they let me go without estinyl to see how my body would do on its own. Well, my body somehow managed to shut itself down faster and further than any amount of prescription suppression has ever done for me in the past.

This month I started the estinyl on CD3. I hope it doesn't slam my E2 down to below 10 (although I know my body is quite perfectly capable of doing that without any help from meds, unfortunately). I might even add a touch of estrace tonight just to keep my E2 above 10.

If they don't cancel my flight and I do make it to Philly tonight, I will be doing bloods again tomorrow morning to see if the estinyl has helped at all.


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