Friday, November 20, 2009

CD12 and doing better without stims

I've been off stims and on estinyl only for the past 3 days and wouldn't you know it, my E2 has finally started to come up, it was 77 today! And my FSH has come back down to 11. So they are putting me back on low stims tonight, just a tiny boost of 75IU. We'll see how that goes. My hormone levels have been so unpredictable lately, I just don't know what to expect any more.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

CD9 and going backwards

Well, doing the opposite only worked for a short time. The estinyl had stabilized by hormones until I added stims, and then they went haywire again.

It is cycle day 9 and the ultrasound showed 2 antral follies at 3mm and 6mm. E2 has dropped to under 10 and FSH jumped to 18. Hmm, that's not very good. In fact it is on par with my slowest cycle since one I had back in 2007. That one was a medium stim cycle at a different clinic that did finally get to retrieval at CD19. So there is still a chance that things could pick up, but I'm headed for a slow cycle.

I'm pretty sure I will be spending Thanksgiving alone in my hotel room.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Doing the opposite

Since this cycle's baseline numbers are the same as last month, and last month's cycle crashed and burned, I am doing the opposite this month. I am taking the estinyl. This reminds me of that Seinfeld episode where George does the opposite to everything his instinct tells him to do, with amazing results. Well, I'm not expecting amazing results, I just want at least one follicle that will actually grow so I can do IVF.

I went in for bloodwork this morning hoping for the best. When the call back came this afternoon I got a bit of a shock because it was the doctor! Usually I speak to the nurses who relay the information from the doctor. Uh oh, I thought this can't be good. But there didn't seem to be anything to it other than the doctor just happened to be helping out with the callbacks today.

Numbers today are much better than this time last cycle. It is CD6 and the estinyl seemed to have normalized my numbers to what would be a decent baseline with which to start stims. I am thrilled that my FSH hasn't skyrocketed into the 20s or 30s this time. It could still go haywire from here, but I'll take it a day at a time.

FSH: 8
E2: 21
LH: 4
Prog: 0.9

Friday, November 13, 2009

CD5, hanging out at Denver

It is CD5, I am on my way to Philly but am stuck in Denver due to weather delays for flights heading east. There is free wi-fi at Denver airport, and I have found a little nook where I can plug in my laptop and get online for a bit. Internet access is slow, but it helps pass a few hours.

So I've been thinking, if this cycle has practically the same baseline numbers as last month, and last month's cycle was a disaster (complete with a full on bleed at CD10 or so), then I should probably try to do the opposite to what I did last month. Last month they let me go without estinyl to see how my body would do on its own. Well, my body somehow managed to shut itself down faster and further than any amount of prescription suppression has ever done for me in the past.

This month I started the estinyl on CD3. I hope it doesn't slam my E2 down to below 10 (although I know my body is quite perfectly capable of doing that without any help from meds, unfortunately). I might even add a touch of estrace tonight just to keep my E2 above 10.

If they don't cancel my flight and I do make it to Philly tonight, I will be doing bloods again tomorrow morning to see if the estinyl has helped at all.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Deja Vu

Last month's abandoned cycle finally came to a close over the weekend, it ended up being 35 days long. I did actually get a surge at CD22 or so, which was pretty darn miraculous since at last check my FSH was 37 and E2 was below 10.

This month, the CD2 numbers are almost identical to last month. Not at all encouraging given how last month ended up, but since this is the last time that we are able to try until at least March next year, I may as well give it a shot.

My main concern with these long cycles is that the hotel and rental car bill can really start to add up when it all drags on. But things can turn around so quickly, I really prefer to be there just in case.

They want me to do bloods again on Saturday. Well, I have never, ever had out-of- town bloods come back in time on a Saturday. And I have tried at least 3 different places. To get to the east coast clinic in time on a Saturday, the results have to be faxed in before noon. If the results don't go missing (which always seems to happen on Saturdays by the way), then the call back happens on Monday which will be CD8, by which time it could well be too late... either the FSH has already skyrocketed to the stratosphere, or it is nice and low but a dominant has already started to form.

So I think I will fly up on Friday, get the bloods done there on Saturday and settle in at the hotel and see where the cycle goes from there.