Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Feeling good!

The mini vacation in Washington DC has done wonders. That awful, failed IVF retrieval is now a distant memory, yet it only happened about a week and a half ago! DP's work paid for the hotel room and his travel, and I am so glad I decided to tag along for the ride. We even got upgraded to the club floor, so free breakfast and light dinner was literally right outside my door. Perfect for when DP was working late and I had to fend for myself for dinner, which turned out to be every night.

I walked around in the DC heat and humidity like a mad woman, determined to see as much as possible in my short stay. Physically I was drained, but it felt oh so good to be distracted and at the same time get some exercise in!

I've been back home for a few days now, and have been keeping up the physical exercise I started with all that walking last week. Well, we'll see how long that lasts.

And I finally got around to updating the look of my blog today, it needed a fresher, softer look. I particularly like the paper crane, they are auspicious in Japanese culture for wishes of good health. Here's to healthier fertility for us all!


Vanessa said...

Like the new look. Very fancy! Glad you had some time to regroup.

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