Tuesday, September 8, 2009

CD8 - Irregular follie

I flew into Philly last night so I am back in a hotel in lovely Mt Laurel, NJ again! Different one this time though, I like to mix it up a bit.

Today when I went in to Cooper I had the pleasure of meeting one of my internet friends and her DH. There aren't many positive things to come out of going through infertility, but meeting my online buddies in real life has been a truly wonderful experience. I have met a few people now whose successes have been against the odds in what can only be described as far from typical cycles, it is very inspiring.

Well, this morning's scan showed something unexpected... a follicle at 22 already! It was irregularly shaped though, so maybe it was a cyst and not a follicle. There were 3 others around the 9-10mm mark, which is much more typical for this time in the cycle.

But is the 22 really a follicle? I'd have to trigger tonight if it were. Good thing we decided to freeze some sperm a few weeks ago, I don't think DP could make it over here with such short notice.

I spent much of the day wondering if I should get some hCG asap.

When the bloods came in it looked a little clearer:

FSH - 8 (Yay! It didn't skyrocket!)
E2 - 129 (not high enough for a typical mature follie, so the 22 could be a cyst)
LH - 1.0 (no sign of surging, as might be expected if it were a large follie)
Prog. - 1.9 (still a follicular phase level)

Tonight, at cycle day 8, I get to start stims: 150 Bravelle.

Still not totally convinced that the 22 is an innocent bystander, but that's what we'll go with for now. Back in for another look tomorrow.


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