Sunday, September 13, 2009


This is another month where the cycle days match the day of the month, making it very easy to remember what day I am on!

So I have been going in for bloods and ultrasound every day since Tuesday, except today as the clinic dies not do monitoring on Sundays. It isn't typical that they would have me in each day, but my results have been strange so I think they are puzzled.

The cyst or whatever it is has been hanging around and changing shape. They aren't totally sure it is inside the ovary. This makes me very nervous in case it is another hydro. I'm hoping it is just a weird cyst and nothing more, but it seems that even the ultrasound techs aren't 100% sure. The right ovary was looking pretty clear just last cycle, so whatever it is, it has come up quickly.

My E2 has also been strange. It has dropped, jumped up, and then dropped again. Not sure if the cyst has something to do with the E2 jumping around like that, or if it is just a bad month. They have increased the stims a bit to twice a day, hope that gives the follies and the E2 a kick.

I have been laying low, trying not to think too much about this cycle. I do have 2 follies though, and it has been more than a year since I have produced 2 follies in one cycle so that is one small positive. They were 14 and 13 yesterday.

Will be going back in again tomorrow, but with all the weirdness of this cycle I am not too hopeful.


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