Tuesday, September 15, 2009

CD 15 - Triggering tonight

I have 2 follies around 18. This is the best showing for over a year, it is usually just the one!

I have been going in for daily monitoring, and the last few days have been so stressful. Now they are thinking the cyst thing is a possible hydro, which just makes my heart sink.

Usually when someone has a hydrosalpinx it needs to be treated, either by removing or ligating the tube, before proceeding with IVF because it lowers the odds of implantation by around 50%. It is a relatively straightforward procedure done by laparoscopy.

But in my case, with a history of extensive pelvic surgery and a massive amount of scarring, 2 doctors have said that they do not recommend more surgery for treating a hydro because the risks outweigh the benefits. Even diagnosing a hydro through a HSG is difficult in my case, because the scar tissue has distorted my right tube so much, that it no longer resembles a normal tube on a HSG film anyway.

The other thing that has been weird this cycle is my E2. After a dip, a rise, another dip, another rise it has now plateaued. Here is how the numbers look up to trigger:

FSHE2LH Prog Follies Meds
CD2 1.4231.32.8 -
CD8812911.9cyst?, 10, 10150 Bravelle
CD91014411.7cyst?, 10, 9150 Bravelle
CD101012411.2cyst?, 10, 9150 Bravelle
CD111024811.3cyst?, 13, 1075 Bravelle AM, 150 Bravelle PM, Cetrotide
CD12?168??14, 1375 Bravelle AM, 150 Bravelle PM, Cetrotide
CD13---- 75 Bravelle AM, 150 Bravelle PM, Cetrotide
CD141735511.216, 1675 Bravelle AM, 150 Bravelle PM, Cetrotide
CD151535911.4hydro?, 17.6, 1875 Bravelle AM, 225 Bravelle PM, Cetrotide


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