Monday, September 28, 2009

8dp3dt BFN

Yes it is relatively early, but FRER is snow white both this morning and this evening, and the chances for a healthy beta with a healthy pregnancy are just too slim for me to hold any hope at all. And I haven't been wrong in over a dozen IVF cycles. Yes, I'll keep up my progesterone til beta, mainly because I'm in no mood to deal with AF in the next few days and don't even want to think about CD2 testing. But mentally moving on already... or at least trying to. This time I'm struggling more than usual.

Really hard getting through the day, seems like there were pregnant bellies everywhere I looked. Hard to hold back the tears when out in public.

This is the downside to testing early, but by beta day I'll be well past the worst of it, so the official call becomes almost a non-event.


Anonymous said...

I test early too. For me, as another blogger once said, a lot of little BFN's are better than one big one. I hope a miracle happened and it turned around for you

Anonymous said...

My wife is 13 weeks preg. Just came from our first major ultrasound with the obgyn (just graduated to the regular doctor). All looks great. We're pretty much over the hump (we hope :-)).

But... my wife tested negative to all home tests she took! Nothing... We were really depressed already thinking about the next cycle... when we got the call for the first beta we could not beieve that it was positive! It was pretty low (37) - so we were told to be cautions - but then it kept increasing 2-3 times over every couple of days!!! It was a roller-coaster for a few weeks...

So, please do not dispair!

SG said...

Well it didn't work out for me this time, but I am so glad to hear of a happy story with a low beta!

You know, so many times I read of someone with a low beta for the dpo, and although it may increase for a while, it seems they often end in a loss during the 1st trimester. That is just my own observation, and the basis of my fear of a low beta. But you are still going strong, definitely over the biggest hump!

Thank you for sharing a positive outcome, I am sure to remember your story next time around 11dpo when the sticks are still snow white. :-)

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