Saturday, August 8, 2009

Still nothing much

Yesterday I went for more bloodwork to see if there was any improvement. Well, we are still in limbo, nothing much going on, but at least the progesterone has come down to more normal follicular phase levels. I started the cycle with a progesterone of 7.5, crazy!

FSH - 24
E2 - 19
LH - 10
Progesterone - 1.5.

Looking on the bright side, the E2 is up from <10, so that is going in the right direction but still dismally low. They kind of look like CD2 numbers for me, so I am wondering if anything will happen from here. Wishful thinking perhaps, but I will get more bloods done on Monday.

Really frustrating that the hormones aren't doing what they are supposed to. Time goes so slowly when the cycle is messed up and I am always waiting on the next lab result to see if there is any improvement, hoping that the cycle can somehow be salvaged; yet it also goes so quickly in that the progression of my calendar age seems to just be flying by these days.


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