Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Still a bit confused

It is CD14 and ultrasound this morning showed 4 tiny antrals, all under 8. Now 4 little follies is normally quite thrilling for me, but hey, this is cycle day 14! I should be doing an IVF retrieval by now! What is going on?

Bloods were just as confusing:

FSH - 17 (up from 14 two days ago)
E2 - 57 (down from 72 two days ago. yes, down!)

It is like my cycle is a week or more behind schedule.

I'll do 150 Bravelle for a few days and see what's up on Friday. I hope the follies grow a bit by then and the E2 increases.

I have been encouraged by some of my cyber buddies who have had success with similarly slow cycles with up and down hormone levels, so I'm not totally in despair over this cycle. After all, I've had other cycles that go to plan and on schedule that haven't gotten me pregnant, so I'll give the weird cycle a chance!


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