Monday, August 10, 2009

Looking a tad brighter

It is CD12 of another minimal stim IVF and I went for bloods again today:

FSH - 14
E2 - 72
LH - 8
Prog - 0.9

And here is the kicker. I get to start stims today! A vial of Menopur and a vial of Bravelle. Starting stims on cycle day 12 is a new one for me... I'll just go along for the ride and see where this goes.

DP's business trip to the East Coast has been delayed until later this month, so a slow cycle could actually work out better for us. It would be great if we could be together there at the same time! I just hope that the cycle keeps going and doesn't go south from here. I've had the FSH go down and then skyrocket again before, but for now I'll be hopeful that the numbers continue to improve and that I get a follicle to grow.

Next bloods and ultrasound in 2 days.


Anonymous said...

Hi... hope this helps... this is our short story... we tried to get pregnant on our own for a while… nothing… last Jan we found out that my wife's FSH was high... it registered as high as 45 once and 27 another time! Usually though, it'd be under 15.

Couple of IUI cycles and one IVF cycle... nothing. I honestly thought this was never going to work... I thought "high FSH = no kids!" but I never had the courage to say that to myself or my wife. We kept forging ahead... lots of stress, anxiety, financial stress, etc.

In July we did our second IVF cycle....and surprise: pregnant! As of yesterday, 5 1/2weeks. Yesterday we had the first u/s. Sac there and all looking great! Beta more than doubling every 2-3 days, so far. Next week u/s for heartbeat! We're not out of the woods yet but there's hope!!!!

Good luck to you!
(PS: we're also Dr. Check's patients)

SG said...

Lovely to hear of another Check success story with high FSH! My FSH also seems to clock in under 15 most of the time, but the higher numbers are becoming more frequent than I would like and it is really disheartening. We'll keep forging ahead though... thank you so much for sharing and congrats on getting this far!

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