Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Limbo cycle

It appears that my current cycle is another strange one, so I'm just being monitored for now. Not taking any meds. Today is CD7 and it has been two days since my last bloodwork.

On CD2, my progesterone came in at 7.5. This is a luteal phase level, it should be well under 2 at the start of a cycle. The nurse suggested that it might still be the supplemental progesterone from the last cycle coming down, but last time it was well out of my system by CD2.

On CD5 I went to check bloods again. It wasn't pretty:
- FSH 23
- E2 less than 10
- LH 7
- Progesterone 2.9

So I'll go for bloods again in a few days and see if things are looking better. Although the FSH is ugly, the low E2 is more of a concern for me as it means that there is no follicular activity!

Hopefully because the progesterone is still kind of high, it is like the end of the last cycle in terms of where my follicles are... I'm guessing that once the progesterone gets under 2 then the follicular phase can get started. So it is sort of like my CD1 is a bit delayed hormonally. I hope that is it, and I'm not looking at an anovulatory cycle! Only way to tell is to keep being monitored and see if a follie eventually starts to grow.


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