Tuesday, August 18, 2009

CD20 - Triggering

I went in for a scan this morning and was stunned to see my follie had grown 4.6mm overnight, even with the Cetrotide! It is now 19.6, so triggering tonight.

I still can't believe how after pretty much 2 weeks of nothing going on, a follicle suddenly woke up and is now going nuts with growth.

Despite the long cycle, it has been a fairly thrifty one since I started stims late on CD12, then stopped all stims between CD16-18, and resumed them again for CD19-20. And I only did 2 days worth of Cetrotide. I'm glad I only bought the 2 Cetrotides. Not only are they really expensive, I really didn't want to lug an icepack home with the leftovers and deal with getting it all through airport security.

On the flipside, I bought way more Bravelle than I needed! But Bravelle vials are small and are fine at room temperature, so no big deal in travelling with them.

For completeness, I've updated the table with all my results now that I have made it to trigger day:

FSHE2LH Prog Follies Meds
CD2 ?73.57.5
CD5231072.94 antrals
CD12147280.94 antrals75 Menopur+75 Bravelle
CD1375 Bravelle
CD141757??4 antrals150 Bravelle
CD15150 Bravelle
CD162364121.810, 9
CD191017960.915, 10150 Bravelle, Cetrotide
CD201023230.919.6, 7150 Bravelle, Cetrotide

DP will be flying in tomorrow for retrieval the day after. Just yesterday we were talking about having him fly up a day later, because I didn't think I would get a huge surge of growth today and I told him I thought there was an 80% chance I wouldn't trigger until tomorrow for a Friday retrieval. Well, nothing about this cycle has been predictable! Luckily he decided to fly up tomorrow anyway, so he will be here in time for retrieval on Thursday. His work is paying his airfare because he needs to be out here for business through next week, so that is great! My slow cycle actually worked out well timing-wise!


Anonymous said...

Good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that things are moving forward. Gotta love the uncertainty about the timing and travel planning...yikes!!! Good luck on Thurs AM...I'll be watching for updates. CountinBeans

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