Saturday, August 15, 2009

CD17 - Getting impatient

This is just the weirdest cycle, it is still dragging on with confusing results each time I go in for monitoring. But the E2 has been sort of rising, it is now in the 60s so just enough to stop me from cancelling.

Yesterday was CD16 and I was told to stop stims to see what my body will do on its own. They also wanted me to take estinyl, and now that it is far enough into the cycle and my E2 has come up a bit, I think I am ok with it, but I'm still really hesitant in case it shuts me down completely. I was debating over whether to take it or not last night, and in the end I decided to split the difference and took 1/2 a capsule. I just opened up the capsule and tipped out half the powder.

Here is how it has been so far:
FSHE2LH Prog Follies Meds
CD2     ?73.57.5
CD5231072.94 antrals
CD12147280.94 antrals75 Menopur+75 Bravelle
CD1375 Bravelle
CD141757??4 antrals150 Bravelle
CD15150 Bravelle
CD162364121.810, 9

I have no idea what will happen at my next monitoring appointment on Monday. As you can see, the FSH is going up and down and the E2 took a dip and is now very slowly starting to come back up. At least the follicles are still small, so there is still time!


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