Sunday, July 12, 2009

Triggering tonight

The scan yesterday showed the follicle at 17, so today it should be around 19 which has been the typical trigger size for me.

The bloods yesterday were concerning though. The E2 dropped from 180 to 173. It isn't from the addition of Cetrotide either, as I have been on it for a few days already, and a slight drop or plateau usually happens after the first day.

The LH is still low so there is no danger of surging, and progesterone is still at 1.

I did some research on a dropping E2 before trigger, and the articles that I found all indicated that it adversely affects IVF outcomes. Some even went as far as recommending that the cycle be canceled. Ugh.

I did however, find some anecdotal success stories. One person said that their E2 was dropping so they bumped up the stims and it turned out to be a successful cycle.

Well, they did increase my stims to 225. I suspect this whole dropping E2 thing falls into the same category of canceling if there are less than 4 follicles. Or like the triple line pattern of the uterus. Desirable, but not necessary for a successful outcome.

So staying up late for the trigger tonight, with retrieval planned for Tuesday morning.

Another wildlife in New Jersey pic... there are bunnies everywhere, and they aren't like bunnies found on the West Coast. I have only seen jackrabbits in California, they are tall with huge ears. The ones here are much cuter and have these little snow white cotton tails (although I couldn't get a shot with the tail), I thought these existed only in cartoons!


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