Monday, July 6, 2009

Started another cycle!

It has been a while since my last blog entry, but sometimes a mental break from TTC is needed, and having a mental break means no blogging about it!

I am back in NJ again for another cycle. Here is a pic of the clinic, the high FSH mecca! Nothing fancy to look at, but there sure have been alot of miracle babies because of this place.

The main purpose of this visit is for a consult, but being in a cycle that actually has a rising E2 (albeit slowly) is a bonus. I hope it keeps going and doesn't stall out, I want to make it to retrieval this time.

Amongst other things, I wanted to talk with the doctor about how estinyl affects my cycles, and how I seem to end up being canceled due to an E2 stuck below 10 when on estinyl. It just shuts my ovaries down. So we agreed that the new plan is if my FSH comes back high, we won't use estinyl to bring it down first, we'll just wait and see what my body does on its own. I'm pretty sure that I'll eventually start growing a follie without meds, and then at that point we can start stims if needed.

This cycle I clocked in with a CD2 FSH of 5, and estradiol 37.

Today at CD6, FSH has already jumped to 13 (haven't taken any stims yet) and estradiol rose slightly to 50.

There is one follicle under 10mm, and a couple little ones under 5mm. We're doing another minimal stim cycle, and today I'll start adding 150iu of stims. This is the latest I have ever started stims. I haven't had all that much luck starting stims earlier, so I don't mind trying a later start this time. Plus any day that I am not stimming saves quite a bit of money, those meds are pretty expensive!

Next scan and blood draw on Wednesday.


CouninBeans said...

This photo brings back some memories for me. Good luck, SG!

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