Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Retrieval day

No nerves this morning, it is going to be either 1 egg or 0, and I think I am prepared for either scenario.

I have also asked that my hydrosalpinx be drained during the procedure. The tube has been ligated so there is no danger of fluid seeping back into the uterus, but the hydro has been getting big and is starting to cause discomfort. They used to drain it routinely at my previous clinic, but it has been over a year since the last time it was done.

At least if it turns out that there is no egg, the procedure wouldn't have been a total waste of time.

I got to the clinic and had the routine scan before the retrieval. They don't use gel on the ultrasound wand before retrieval, so that makes it a bit uncomfortable. Follicle is still there at 20 and the lining is 10 TL.

We fill out the consents and get the paperwork out of the way, fork over $550 for anesthesia, and then I get taken back to the change room. At this point I realise I forgot to bring some socks! Yeah, I had a camera with me but forgot the socks. Oh well. So all I had were the thin paper booties:

I have realized that there isn't much to take a photo of at a fertility clinic. Everyone wants privacy and it is hard to get a pic of anything without people in it, so I am reduced to taking a pic of my feet!

The procedure went well, and I'm very happy to announce that they got the egg! One big hurdle down, but another even bigger one tomorrow for the fertilization call. I hope this egg makes it! We are using ICSI but still, the odds of fertilization are far from 100%.


CountinBeans said...

An egg retrieved...then good news on the fert call! So far so good (you're passing hurdles I couldn't!!!) Now, relax until tomorrow AM's phone call...I'll keep watching for updates! CountinBeans

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