Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fertilization call

This is the most feared step of the IVF process for me. Beta day can also be pretty bad, but at least I can prepare beforehand because I am an avid POASer. The fertilization call is a complete unknown, and with only one egg, the whole cycle can come to a grinding halt right here.

My DP refuses to take the call, every single cycle. I had to step into the shower this morning and left him the phone, but he said that if it rings he'll just bring it to me in the shower! He says his fear is that if the news is bad, he'll just say ok and hang up... and I'll be upset because he didn't ask a bunch of questions to get as much information as possible! He's right though, I'd want to know if the egg looked unusual, or if it fertilized abnormally or just didn't fertilize at all.

The phone rang mercifully early this morning. Yes, the egg did fertilize! I let out a "yay!" on the phone! Oh the relief!

They will call again tomorrow with another update, and if all is well, it will be a 3 day transfer on Friday.

I've googled and found that the fertilization rates with ICSI are around 60-75%, depending on the clinic. We have been very lucky, we have had quite a few single egg cycles and so far the lone egg has always fertilized. I wonder if it is because it is the egg that the body has chosen for that month anyway, so it stands a better chance of being a good one?

I took DP to the airport this morning, and am glad I don't have to organise my own flight home today... the cycle is still alive!


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