Friday, July 10, 2009

CD10 update

My follicle is 15mm now, up from 13 two days ago. As for bloods:

FSH: 14
E2: 180
LH: <1

That LH really got slammed down by the Cetrotide, which is good I suppose, no chance for a surge anytime soon. I have some leftover Menopur so I might add that in the mix tonight again, as Menopur has LH in it. Although with minimal stims, it doesn't really make much difference whether I use just FSH, or a mix of FSH and LH. I'm just working through my leftover meds, I have a bunch expiring soon so I am trying to use them all up.

So I'm guessing a Sunday trigger right now, with a Tuesday retrieval. DP is flying up tonight, even though he's holding a refundable ticket and he could change it to Sunday or Monday, he decided to come up anway. I'm excited to see him! For once he has some down time before retrieval, usually he arrives late at night and has to get up early for ER the very next morning. This time he has a chance to relax a bit before he is called up to duty.

Now for today's wildlife in NJ pic. There are heaps of geese everywhere, often in large groups by the side of the highway, especially if there is any body of water around (even damp grass counts). They don't seem to be shy at all!


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