Saturday, July 25, 2009

8dp3dt - Evaporation Line

This morning's HPT was completely blank after several minutes.

But then I tested later in the day and a very faint gray line came up in about 2 minutes. Even now at several hours later there is still no color to it, so I am calling it an evaporation line. Not sure if it is visible in the photo:

The confusing thing is, when I now look at this morning's stick it also has this very faint gray ghost line.

Not sure what to make of it all as I didn't think FRERs had evaps, but as long as there is no color to it I can't get excited, only curious!


luv4life93 said...

I have been testing with cheapie Dollar Store ones and I am getting crazy evaporation lines. It is very frustrating! When I got the BFP in December I used those cheapie ones too until I saw a def line and then moved over the more expensive ones. Figured I would do that this time too. It is all very confusing to see a line about 15 min after you use it, but nothing shows up right away. My beta is Tuesday...ready to just get it over with at this point and try to move on. Acording to your tweets you are doing the same thing. Hopefully we will both have been "luck" (whatever that means) next time! UGH...always next time huh! Hugs- Carrie (Caretta74)

Anonymous said...

Evaporation lines run the length of the pee stick, not the same direction as the control line. It is in the right spot for the "positive" line. That is not an evaporation line, that is a faint positive. Congratulations!

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