Friday, July 24, 2009

7dp3dt - fun with trigger

Hmm... the faint lines never seem to show up well in a photo. I'm not crazy, despite the apparent blankness of the top stick, in real life there is a faint line that doesn't need squinting to see even at arms length. The Accuclear one does seem to be a bit more photogenic.

The line is about the same faintness as yesterday, so inconclusive. Believe me, I have been staring hard trying to figure out if it is a tiny bit darker today or not, but I really can't tell. Today is usually the day when either the trigger is fading out or a real line is fading in. I'll have to do another test this evening!


Anonymous said...

That is a pretty good line on the FRER! You know I know my sticks! I hope you'll update on the boards too. I always love your poas pics. :o)
xo, Tracy

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