Friday, July 17, 2009

A 5 cell for transfer

Well the good news is that I remembered to bring my socks today, which was just as well because the transfer room was even colder than the retrieval room!

But then things got a tad disappointing with the news that the embryo was only at 5 cells today, when it was 4 yesterday.

I mentioned on the Over 40 board that Check did a study which showed that for a single embryo transfer, a 6-8 cell embryo has a whopping 6 times greater chance of implanting than a 5 cell one, and that is in a woman with high FSH and less than or equal to 3 antral follicles, a criteria I fit quite nicely into. You can read about that study here.

Of course, a small, reduced chance is still a chance, which is more than I have with no IVF at all. If I didn't have tubal issues I would be going down the natural path but this is the only chance I have.

Here is the 5 cell embie. I have to say though, it is one of the better 5 cell ones when I compare it to others that I have had in past cycles... the last 5 cell I had was over a year ago. The embryologist said it had 5% fragmentation, although I think it looks like it has a bit more than that in the picture:


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