Tuesday, July 21, 2009

4dp3dt - 1 week down, 1 to go

The first week always goes by fast. I mean, by transfer it is already 3 days down, that's almost half a week right there. Embie is now 1 week old. If it is still alive, it should be about ready to implant.

I flew home the day after transfer, which I realize is a bit controversial as the clinics like to prescribe bed rest. Until I see a study that says bed rest after IVF transfer has any benefit at all, I won't be doing it. Well, apart from sleeping off the valium for a few hours right after the transfer. All the studies I've seen show that bedrest after transfer has either no benefit or has lower pregnancy rates. One of those studies is Does bedrest after embryo transfer cause a worse outcome in in vitro fertilization?, and there are lots of others that are similar if you Google around a bit.

Although I don't do bed rest, I do take it easy. Very easy. I'm not exactly a bundle of energy while on the progesterone, so that part isn't hard to do.

The progesterone is kicking my butt! I am on 400mg suppositories twice a day, as well as a 200mg oral prometrium. So far it is all the usual side effects, which for me are:
  • sleepy sleepy sleepy! I just want to go lay down for a nap all the time.

  • hungry, but its a toss up between napping and eating when it comes to doing something about it

  • sore boobs. I go "ow!" when I get a hug from DP and I need to sleep in a sports bra.

  • vivid dreams. These start as soon as I start progesterone and they are pretty out there... nothing disturbing thank goodness, just whimsical and always entertaining. I wake up impressed with my imagination.

  • having to get up and pee 2-3 times a night.

  • crampiness! Just like a whopper of an AF is about to start.

  • indigestion

Oh, I went and had my 3dp3dt bloods drawn yesterday:

E2 - 228, Progesterone >40.

I chose not to do the ultrasound as it is so expensive here, and I really don't see the benefit... they can tell from the bloods whether the meds needs to be adjusted. In my case, they said that it looked fine and no adjustments were necessary.


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