Monday, June 8, 2009

CD7 and not looking good

My CD3 results showed an elevated FSH of 13, so they had me start Estinyl 0.02mg, one pill a day. As predicted, my Stat results on Saturday never made it to the clinic, I don't know why I even bothered to wake up early and get myself to the hospital. Weekdays are iffy at best, but at least the clinic always calls to let me know that my results hadn't come in yet so I have time to follow up. But on Saturdays, the clinic closes early, so add in 3 hour time difference and it is a recipe for no callback. So no surprises.

Really wasn't sure if I was up for traveling to NJ with just the CD3 results and no scan. The E2 was promising at 47 and the FSH wasn't outrageously high, but estinyl is what's making me nervous. It either works great or takes down the cycle, there doesn't seem to be any in between. DP talked me into flying over, he said if it doesn't work then just come home early, but if I don't go there will be zero chance. So here I am back in NJ, trying to get some work done and slipping in a little blog update.

Today it is CD7 and I had a scan and bloods drawn. Ultrasound was actually promising, with a follie at 12 and a couple less than 10. That's pretty good for me. But after a few days of Estinyl, my E2 has dropped to under 10! So that follie at 12 isn't really a follie, must be a leftover cyst or something. Estinyl doesn't show up in blood results, so that E2 <10 is the real story of what my follies are doing. Which is absolutely nothing at the moment.

Last time on estinyl my E2 dropped under 10 and stayed there for 2 weeks. I was hesitant to give it a go again this time, but there are some differences to that other cycle. Last time we waited several days while my FSH shot up from 16 to 28 before starting it, maybe that was too late. This time I started it with a FSH of 13. Also last time I was taking 1 estinyl per day; this time I did 1 every 36 hours to keep the dose in my body a tad lower.

So my FSH today is now down to a lovely 6, but with an E2 in the toilet it doesn't look good, it should be up over 100 by now. They wanted me to come back Friday to repeat bloods but I don't have the patience to wait til then, I want to cancel the cycle and stop paying for a hotel room if the E2 doesn't budge. So we agreed to have me come back in 2 days for another check. But based on my previous experience on estinyl, I think it would be a good idea to stop taking it and see what my body does on its own at this point.


Anonymous said...

Oh SG. Hang in there! I just cancelled a cycle last week so I know what it's like. If in your heart you think you should cancel, then you should (if it's not too much of a financial hardship). Best to you - this crap is a total merry-go-round!

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