Thursday, May 21, 2009


Yesterday we had the embryo transfer. DP had flown home the day before, so I took a taxi to the clinic. Because of the valium they give for transfer, they don't allow patients to drive themselves that day.

They require a full bladder for the transfer as it involves an abdominal ultrasound. It is always a bit tricky trying to judge when to start drinking water, and how much. I started drinking about 45 minutes before the transfer because liquids tend to go through me fast, and although my bladder wasn't full by the time of my appointment, the doctor was running a little late so it worked out well. By the time we were ready to get going, my bladder was comfortably full. I say comfortably, because of the valium... I was so relaxed it was almost zen like, despite a bladder that was getting fuller by the minute!

We ended up with an 8 cell embie, that had less than 10% fragmentation. Such a thrill to have even made it this far with just one follicle, it has been quite the ride already!

The actual transfer went very smoothly and quickly. I felt the speculum go in and then they push down the ultrasound probe over the full bladder, which is a little alarming at first but the bladder held its contents just fine. The whole thing was over in less than a minute. I had to ask if it was done, as I didn't feel the catheter go in at all! Other times I have felt a small pinch, but never any worse than a pap smear.

I lay there in the darkened room for about 30 minutes after the transfer. This time I didn't need a bed pan, my bladder was full but not painfully so. I actually fell asleep!

I've lost count of all the transfers we have had, and there have been several 8 cellers in the past but still no baby, so we still need lots of luck. My age is the biggest obstacle, I'll be 44 soon, and normal embryos are a harder to come by. Harder, but not impossible.

We are super excited to finally be in a 2ww again, just to have a chance, however small it may be. It has been 10 long months since the last one and I miss all the craziness of the waiting!

I will be stuck here in NJ for a while longer, as I didn't plan ahead for the Memorial Day weekend travel crush and can't get a reasonably priced flight home until Sunday. Which is ok, as 3dp3dt falls on Saturday, and Cooper likes to do an ultrasound and bloodwork that day and I'll be here for that.


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