Wednesday, May 13, 2009

CD9 - looks like just the one follie

Today the biggest follicle jumped from 10 to 15mm in two days. The rest are under 6, so not in contention. What is amazing is that this is my fastest cycle ever ( out of oh, about 14 or so stim cycles) and it is the lowest dose! Only 75 IU per day so far.

My FSH has dropped to 10, and Estradiol is up to 184. I'll be increasing the stims to 150 IU, and have already taken my first Ganirelix today. I was wondering if they would have me take the Ganirelix because the other follies are too far behind and there is really only one in the running, but I guess we still need to hold off the LH surge until the trigger.

Lining is 11mm.

And yes, I will still go to retrieval with just the one follie.


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