Monday, May 11, 2009

CD7 - relaxing in NJ

I flew up over the weekend as fares seem to be much cheaper than during the week for the airports that I use. I am happy to say that I didn't have a panic attack en route, but I did take 1/2 a Xanax tablet just to make sure that any underlying anxiety didn't have a chance to bubble up into something bigger.

I am much more relaxed about the cycle now that I am here, and hopefully I got here early enough so that I won't get dinged for the out of town patient management fee. The costs for the labs are significantly cheaper here too, so the total expense of being here isn't as bad as it would initially seem.

Today's scan showed 3 small follicles, 10mm and two more less than 6mm. From my past cycles, the smaller ones could go either way at this point, they could start catching up or could stall out it is too early to call.

Lining was 9mm.

The blood results today were encouraging, at least things were moving in the right direction:
FSH - 13 ( down from 16)
E2 - 100 (up from 49, I'm excited it is going up!)
LH - 3
Prog - 1.2

I am going to continue with just 75IU of Bravelle each night.

My understanding is that since my natural FSH is still kind of high, that is enough to naturally grow the follicle(s) and the Bravelle will give a small boost. This is the whole idea of a low stim cycle. My progress up to now is about the same as when I am on a high stim cycle, I am a poor responder no matter what, so I am happy to save on the meds!

Back for another look on Wednesday!


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