Wednesday, May 6, 2009

CD2 - Here we go again!

I'll been doing the first few monitoring appointments at the local clinic before flying over to the East Coast if things look promising. The last few cycles have been anything but promising. I had a FSH that hit 30 with a E2 that stayed below 10 for two weeks, then the following cycle I was benched with either a cyst or a super early follicle depending on who you ask.

As usual, my results arrived at the NJ clinic just before everyone was about to leave for the day. The time difference makes it tough to do remote monitoring, but I am now of the mindset that if they get the results the same day, that's a bonus.

The early days don't really matter all that much, especially if you are slow starter out of the gate like I usually am. For me it doesn't make much difference whether I start stims on CD2, 3 or 4. So I try not to stress too much about whether or not the fax with my results made it in time for a same day callback.

You could have knocked me down with a feather when I heard the results:
FSH - 7
Estradiol - 39
LH - 1.6
Prog- 0.6

Wow! The first thought I had was are these even my results? Was there a mixup?

My cycles have been so messed up and whacky for months on end now, pretty much since my bowel obstruction 6 months ago. They have actually been getting worse, there has not been any gradual improvement or anything. So it was really quite a shock to suddenly get somewhat decent numbers out of the blue!

I will be doing another low stim cycle. I will take Bravelle 75IU tonight and tomorrow, and will get an ultrasound and more bloods drawn on Friday.


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