Friday, May 15, 2009

CD11 - triggering tonight!

My one growing follie measured 19.6mm today, and estradiol was 319. Good enough for me! So a final Ganirelix today, 150iu of stims tonight, then the hcg trigger. IVF retrieval will be Sunday.

DP will be flying in tomorrow night. Just our luck, the weather forecast is predicting strong thunderstorms in the area tomorrow night. Last time DP flew in there were strong thunderstorms and his flight ended up diverting to Harrisburg! Then he had to get a bus in to Philly and then a taxi to the hotel, and arrived at about 3am. Luckily we had an extra day before retrieval so he had time to rest a bit. We don't have the extra time this cycle because I reached trigger day earlier than expected. We had booked the ticket before I realized that this was going to be a particularly fast cycle.

I'm a bit nervous about just the one follicle for retrieval. In the past when I have had 2 mature follicles, frequently only one of them would yield an egg. The other one either didn't have an egg or the egg was stuck to the follicle wall despite repeated flushing during the procedure, which I have been told tends to be the sign of a bad egg.

DP isn't at all concerned about coming up empty-handed at retrieval. He says "Nah, it'll be fine". Typical male confidence, I guess! I'm pushing it to the back of my mind for now, and focusing on looking forward to seeing DP again tomorrow. But I'm sure I'll be nervous again on retrieval day!


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