Tuesday, May 26, 2009


So picture this. In the bathroom this morning I notice what looked like pink spotting on the panty liner. I immediately rip out the liner from my undies and run to DP to show him the spotting. I don't know which is scarier, me running out of the bathroom with soiled panty liner in hand to show DP, or the fact that he knew exactly what this could mean.

Could this be the fabled implantation spotting?

I have never, ever had implantation spotting, even when I have had implantation.

Of course, it could just be irritation to the cervix from the progesterone suppositories. With the massive doses I am on, I wouldn't be surprised if everything down there was completely engorged with blood and very sensitive. But that theory isn't nearly as fun to ponder.

On the symptoms front, still crampy, and now ravenously hungry. I seem to be eating all the time! Boobs are only slightly sore.

Did the baseline HPT today. The trigger line is super light, lighter than it usually is at this time. It is one of those where you can see a shadow of a line but you want to turn the stick this way and that for a better view. I don't think it will come up in a photo very well. Looking forward to the official POAS testing starting tomorrow!


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