Monday, May 25, 2009


Back at home now!

Traveled all day yesterday and I was crampy the whole way. There is just no way to get really comfy in an airline seat on a full plane. I did good with my carry-ons though, I have a great little computer bag with wheels that fits under the seat in front, so I didn't have to lift anything heavy into the overhead bins.

Last year, the first time I travelled after transfer I had a backpack as a carry-on... big mistake! I had to run from the two furthest gates possible in Atlanta airport, about 20 minutes dodging in and around all the pedestrian traffic trying to make my connecting flight (which I ended up missing), sweating up a storm and freaking out that all that running with the heavy backback wasn't good for a free floating embie in the uterus. Although in the end it didn't prevent implantation, it wasn't an experience I was keen to repeat.

So nice to be able to sleep in my own bed for the first time in 2 weeks! With the help of all that progesterone I slept great. Still crampy today, but not as much as yesterday.

Oh, and the weirdest thing is that I actually lost weight while in NJ for the cycle. Quite a few pounds too, and I certainly wasn't trying. I have always gained weight with stims, but maybe because it was super low stims I didn't get all bloated this time. Still quite puzzled by that one, but there you go.

POAS Strategy

DP and I went to Target to pick up our supply of First Response HPTs, plus a couple of digitals that I like to use as tie-breakers if the lines on the sticks are iffy. Target has the best price in our area for First Response, they are significantly cheaper than the other places so it is worth a special trip there.

I like to start the HPTs at 6dp3dt so I have a baseline reading. The trigger is still there for me at that point, but what it does in the subsequent days after that is where it can get interesting.

In the past, 7dp3dt has been a cross-over day for me. The HPT in the morning is lighter than the day before, but a HPT in the evening on a positive cycle has either been darker or has come up more quickly. So while the trigger is still fading, the hCG in my body starts increasing. On my bfp cycles I have never had the HPTs go completely blank along the way. Which is actually kind of frustrating. I would rather be a fast metabolizer of the hCG trigger, get some blank pee-sticks, and then start getting a line. That would make it alot clearer!

So, baseline POAS is set for tomorrow.


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